Creating the best race eyewear with an uncompromised approach. With this objective, the Hans Anders Retail Group and Team DSM have joined forces, resulting in a completely new sports eyewear brand: DRIIVE. The brand focuses entirely on innovative sports eyewear. The first collection is the successful result of intensive joint product development with the aim of creating the perfect racing glasses for athletes at the highest level.

Starting in 2020, the R&D experts from TEAM DSM and Hans Anders Retail Group worked closely together on the requirements for the ultimate professional racing glasses. This led to a product development trajectory in which experts from the cycling team collaborated with specialists and technicians from the optics group to create the next generation of sports glasses.

Team DSM’s riders use the PRO line glasses during training and races. For these glasses, the specific requirements of top cyclists have been fully considered during the development process.

DRIIVE sports glasses are available (also with prescription) for cyclists and other outdoor athletes in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Sweden. With a PRO and a HYBRID line, these next generation sports glasses are available for everyone.

In the future, you can expect DRIIVE to continue incorporating the latest innovations into the ultimate racing eyewear.

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