Glasses that feature the latest innovatons in terms of materials, comfort, vision and safety.

The innovation experts from Team DSM, Hans Anders and eyes+more have joined forces to develop the new generation of sports glasses. The result is a completely new sports eyewear brand: DRIIVE.
The goal simple: to create the best sports glasses available.

Team DSM’s innovation experts know exactly what good racing glasses must meet. Within Hans Anders and eyes + more they have the latest knowledge about the development process of glasses and access to the most modern production facilities and technology.

The very latest lens technology is used in all DRIIVE glasses, which makes it possible to shape the lens aerodynamically, but nevertheless offer minimal distortion and optimal protection against the sun and wind. The lenses have a high tech coating that prevents the glasses from fogging up. Lightweight materials have been used throughout, making the glasses some of the lightest on the market.

DRIIVE sports glasses are available (also with prescription) for cyclists and other outdoor athletes in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Sweden. With a PRO and a HYBRID line, these next generation sports glasses are available for everyone.

Do you want help or advice when buying your ideal prescription sports glasses? Make an appointment in one of the Hans Anders or eyes + more stores, and a specialized optician will help you choose the best sports glasses.